A convenient daytime therapy for noticeable night-time results

eXciteOSA / Snoozeal

eXciteOSA® is the world’s first product aimed at solving the root cause of snoring - the loss of muscle tone - rather than simply relieving the symptoms.

eXciteOSA® works by using a tiny electrical current to stimulate and improve muscle tone in the mouth and tongue.

The tightening of these muscles prevents the tissue from collapsing, keeping the airways clear.

This prevents snoring and also increases the intake of oxygen, and improves the quality of sleep.

How eXciteOSA® works


The eXciteOSA® mouthpiece is attached to the control unit and then placed into the mouth. 1 It is controlled by the smartphone app.


The smartphone app activates the electrodes in the mouthpiece via the control unit; electrical pulses stimulate the tongue muscle and improve muscle tone.


Do you fall asleep or are you drowsy in inappropriate situations such as in meetings, at church, or other social situations?